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Davina Garner, Vice-President
Re: Agricultural Hall of Fame Award

David Smith, Director
Monica Nusink, Chief Financial Officer
Grant Jones, Vice-Chair, Board of Health
Re: 2024 Board of Health Budget

Jodie Konior, Project Lead of Communities Building Youth Futures Oxford
Stephanie Ellens-Clark, Convenor of Communities Building Youth Futures Oxford (Social Planning Council Oxford)
Re: Update on Communities Building Youth Futures Oxford

March 26, 2024
Re: Current Priorities, Initiatives and Minutes of December, 2023, January, 2024 and February, 2024


  1. That Oxford County Council award a contract to the low bidder, Cassidy Construction London Ltd., in the amount of $1,249,168 (excluding HST), for the 2024 County-Wide Culvert Replacements on Parts of Oxford Road 8, 18, 19 and 37;
  2. And further, that Oxford County Council authorize the Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Public Works to sign all documents related thereto.


  1. That County Council receive Report HS 2024-03, entitled “Homelessness Prevention Program 2024-2025 Investment Plan”, and approve the 2024-2025 Homelessness Prevention Plan funding allocations as set out herein.


  1. That County Council receive Report HS 2024-04, entitled, “Homelessness Response Strategy Award” as information.


  1. That By-law No. 6624-2024, being a to establish tax ratios and levy tax rates for upper-tier purposes for the year 2024, be presented to Council for enactment.



To consider Reports CS (CS) 2024-12 and WDFL (CS) 2024-02 regarding personal matters about an identifiable individual, including County or local board employees and a position, plan, procedure, criteria or instruction to be carried on by or on behalf of the municipality or local board.

CS (CS) 2024-12


WDFL (CS) 2024-02




Being a By-Law to Establish Tax Ratios and Levy Tax Rates for Upper-Tier Purposes for the Year 2024.

Being a By-law to confirm all actions and proceedings of the Council of the County of Oxford at the meeting at which this By-law is passed.