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Application for Official Plan Amendment proposes to include a site-specific development policy to permit a warehouse facility within the Agricultural Reserve on lands located on the north side of Oxford Road 29, immediately east of the Highway 401 interchange, and are municipally known as 806721 Oxford Road 29 and 806727 Oxford Road 29 in the Township of Blandford-Blenheim.

* See Report No. CP 2023-282
* See Presentation from MHBC Planning (attached)

Mary Reid, Director / Curator
Re: Artwork on display in honour of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Arnold Ypma, Chairperson
Kenn Feyen, Vice-Chair

Re: Oxford County Concession Street Services Extension Project


  1. That Oxford County Council not approve Application No. OP 22-20-1, submitted by MHBC Planning on behalf of Telephone City Aggregates Inc. and 882527 Ontario Ltd. for lands described Part Lots 17 & 18, Concession 7 (Blenheim) and municipally known as 806721 & 806727 Oxford Road 29 in the Township of Blandford-Blenheim to include a site specific development policy to permit a warehouse facility.

* See Item 5.3


  1. That Council directs Community Planning staff to proceed with the proposed draft work plan to undertake formal review and consideration of measures to increase residential density in the County, as generally outlined in Report CP 2023-288, including the initiation of an Official Plan Amendment to consider implementation of the matters outlined in Phase 1 of the work plan and related consultation with Area Municipalities;
  2. And further, that Report CP 2023-288 be circulated to the Area Municipalities for their information.


  1. That County Council direct staff to appeal the decision of the Oxford County Land Division Committee to approve Application B23-39-3 (Mary Elizabeth Schell & Frank Longlade) to the Ontario Land Tribunal as the said decision does not conform with the relevant policies of the County Official Plan regarding the severance of surplus farm dwellings.



  1. That Oxford County Council approve the 2024 Land Ambulance Response Time Performance Plan as set out in Report No. PS 2023-01.


  1. That By-law No. 6570-2023, being a by-law to authorize the funding sources and mandatory connection for the Oxford County Concession Street West Services Extension Project, be presented to Council for enactment.


  1. That the 2024 Budget Public Survey Results be received for consideration during final budget deliberations.


  1. That the County of Oxford’s Credit Rating Update, attached to Report No. CS 2023-32, dated September 12, 2023, as prepared by Standard & Poor’s be received for information.


  1. That the Donation Policy 6.21, as attached to Report No. CS 2023-33, be approved and included in the County’s General Policy Manual, effective September 27, 2023.





Being a by-law to mandate connection to and impose the cost of the water distribution and sanitary sewer system upon owners of lands within the designated area, referred to as the “Oxford County Concession St W Services Extension Project.”

Being a By-law to confirm all actions and proceedings of the Council of the County of Oxford at the meeting at which this By-law is passed.